Act Local – Think Global

Visiting Brazil. I have thoughtful conversations with our friends, as we check in on how life is for us now. As always, I am alert to unmet social needs that circle will address.

As Jefferson and I visit Liberato and Rand, reflections on threats of war against Syria arise. Liberato says, “This is why I have no hope about resolving problems as this large scale, at this great distance. I don’t believe I can have any impact on our national political leaders. But I do feel hopeful in my community. We have had a couple of community meetings recently, with the opening of the new cultural center and another of business leaders. It’s not catching quite yet, but I feel hopeful. I need to focus on the local level, where I can touch, smell and hear the results of our efforts.  Here I feel some sense of potency, and can see the power we exercise. Here I can do something that matters—but I have no hope for shifting the chaos and violence…. And I feel overwhelmed and crazy when I try. It’s best for me to do something here, where I can see the outcome.”

Circle offers the local connected social group, where meaningful conversation and attention to the needs of members is natural and expected. The circle offers a place close at hand to see the results of your efforts. You have friends around who listen to your hopes and dreams — for your education, for your work, for your family, for your wellbeing and happiness.

I’ve found I feel nurtured through “the thick and thin” of life by my circle. Our circle members applaud when we report an accomplishment of a goal, or a joyous outcome for a difficult situation. They listen to our struggles and plans. They gently remind us when we said something different a couple weeks go, and encourage us to walk our talk. In circle, we can feel known, accepted, and seen for who we are – in a universe small enough to be manageable. In this circle, there is almost always an alternative, some action I can take.  And my friends reflect the results of my efforts, just as I recognize the results of theirs.

My friends in Brazil are eager for my next visit when I will offer circle experience to them here in Sagi. The potential is here. People wish to grow individually and collectively. They wish to help each other and make a difference right here. They want to try a new-old way to gather: in circle. It’s easy – and they need a boost. I have lots of circle plans cooking for 2014! How about you?