I am yearning!

I am yearning. I want to connect with you. The February 3 Beloved Community teleconference is part of my answer. I seek the “good news”, and it’s out there. (Amy Goodman just reviewed amazing documentaries at Sundance, like “Freedom Summer” celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Mississippi Freedom Summer) Lots of good people are doing great work. I am seeing the Great Turning, as Joanna Macy calls it.

And my friend asks me, do you think we will see peace in our lifetimes?  Yes, I reply.  I cannot believe nor act otherwise.  But peace is not a single snapshot, a moment in time to be achieved.  It is something we can experience every day and share with others.
I find it is a challenge to create, and hold, a vision of peace.  I need to call upon my eyes, my ears, my fingertips, my taste buds, my feet-on-the ground, and my intuition — to evoke a full-bodied, tasty, “sexy” peace, as Jean Houston reminds us.

The Beloved Community is an image I want to flesh out, with your help.  I know the core is love, as Dr. King repeated many times.  Love in action.  I need strong images that I regularly see: people being fed healthy food; building and having shelter, like Habitat for Humanity teamwork; rivers that run clean, free of dams and pollution; Redwood trees grown tall, absorbing CO2; safe streets where children can congregate and play; women walking those streets, living with proud mothering standards, and feeling respected and in charge of their own bodies; men who freely express all their feelings and act boldly and with respect….  What do you envision?

Join the conversation February 3, at 5PM Pacific Time with renowned speakers, Dr. john a. powell, Michael Nagler, and Dr. Bernard LaFayette, Jr. Plus others dropping in for a few minutes, too. We need your voices, your visions.