john a. powell to launch Beloved Community

PowellBGWe launch on February 3, as john a. powell ignites the journey to Beloved Community. Dr. powell, who humbly uses lower case for his name, makes a capital case for the Beloved Community. Inviting john powell came as a gift from a Circle Leader. Lorraine Cook participated in Dr. powell’s panel at Bioneers called… you guessed it… Beloved Community! Naturally, that clicked. Good fortune is shining on us – Dr. powell said YES! He will generously share his wisdom Feb 3. Don’t miss the opportunity to circle up with one of the most ardent purveyors of Martin Luther King’s vision.

Circle Leaders are folks who co-shaped the vision for the CirclesWork! Beloved Community Teleconference. As active supporters of circles for the Great Peacemaker Teleconference, they had a vested interest in deepening our focus on peace, and in strengthening our widening Indra’s Net of circles. For us, circles are nodes of Beloved Community. We want to share circles with you.

Other Peacemaker participants gifted us with creative ideas on the needs, themes, speakers and timing of the Beloved Community teleconference. Our co-sponsors – Jean Houston Foundation and Be The Change Earth Alliance – continue to make inestimable contributions to conscious change, and are helping direct the future growth of circles as a means of connection and action.

Renowned social justice advocate john a. powell challenges us to lay claim to our shared humanity and a way toward healing ourselves and securing our future. How can we redeem the American promise of inclusive democracy? We can replace attitudes and institutions that promote and perpetuate social suffering with those that foster relationships and a way of being that transcends disconnection and separation.

Dr. powell will be joined in discussion with Michael Nagler, founder of Metta Center for Nonviolence (May 5 speaker), and other NaglerBGmystery guests who will enrich the dialogue with their visions. You will be invited to envision the Beloved Community, too, and celebrate how Dr. Martin Luther King motivates and connects us all to claim the dream.

Thank you, Circle Leaders! Thank you, teleconference and circle participants!