Why Beloved Community? Why Circles?

BelovedClogo2February 3 will be a thrilling night as the teleconference begins with Dr. john powell. We will be celebrating the vision of The Beloved Community, gifted to us by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 50 years ago. Beloved Community is possible in our lifetimes – if we dream it, taste it, love it, dance it, and paint it into being. I need help to do this. I need YOUR help. I do believe we can do this – when we work together, when we commit ourselves to nonviolence, when we act on our vision. But sometimes my hope wavers, in the face of the “bad news”. Sometimes my spirit dips low.

Dr. King exhorted us to never lose hope, and to keep love vibrantly alive. Love is the answer. I believe this. It works for me.

I find love and hope renewed in my circle. For me, circle is the node of my Beloved Community. I treasure and honor so many of you. But I need to get down with about 8 of you once a week to talk about what is on my heart, to seek support to overcome the obstacles that seems too big to face alone, and to feel the love in the grasp of your hands, the softness in your eyes, the sounds of your voices as we sing our outgoing song. My circle nurtures my determination to co-create Beloved Community with many others of you whose voices I have heard, and who I know are there, but I cannot see.

For me, Beloved Community means getting up close and personal. Yes, my dear husband holds a shining place in my Beloved Community. But if I had only him as a regular conversationalist and source support, if he had only me, we would not have the juice and creativity and different perspectives and unique talents of our circle members to buoy us up, to inspire us, to challenge us to rise to our true selves.