Greetings from Brazil!

Circles take myriad, delightful forms!
Circles take myriad, delightful forms!

Enroute to Brazil, I offer a brief update to all my friends in Circle – spanning two years since The Beloved Community teleconference completed. My Lyme doctor has given me a green light to travel, so my husband Jefferson and I return to Brazil, our home-away-from-home, where we can swim anytime.

The new version of the CirclesWork Guide is being field-tested. The start-up team of has begun this self-led process to start a circle, using the CirclesWork! unique Tools for Cooperative Work: Clearing the Air, and completing with Appreciations expressed aloud. Their excitement is infectious, and their feedback invaluable. Another circle in Pachamama Alliance may launch soon, using the guide.  Are you interested in field-testing the guide to start your Circle?

In addition to the unending updates and improvements to the guide, I’ll return to my manuscript following my Journey to Circle. This ode to my life’s passion has been given the stamp of approval by my dear and prescient friend and networker Lorraine Cook. So I must bring it to the light of day – which I am sure to do with the coaching of my Artists Conference Network group.

I sorely miss my decade-long River Sisters Circle in Southern Humboldt, and am grateful for the continued flow of updates that nurture me.     In Ashland I’m delighted to find so many open doors: Pachamama Alliance, Community Rights and Decolonization Circle; and invitations from The Commission on the Culture of Peace, more than I can meet.  I am personally delighted to be invited as a convener of The Millionth Circle, with whom I’ve worked in years past.. Soon I’ll initiate my personal Circle in Ashland, to assure I stay in life balance, for a long healthy life. Glad to be in communication again, and building Indra’s Net of Circles.