Creating Circles

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Circle is an ancient form for gathering together: around the hearth, to honor both life and death, to harvest the crops, to hold a ritual of thanks and gratitude, and to tell stories. Today circles offer a way to re-weave the social fabric of community, to bring us together in cooperation to accomplish what we cannot do alone, and to nurture healthy caring relationships between people.

Circles operate best when they include 8-10 people. Within this small community all voices are heard and eye contact can be maintained throughout the gathering. Your circle can serve to energize your creative spirit and empower you to grow your full authentic self, and give you the courage and wings to do what you were born to do.

CirclesWork! adds the following unique aspects to the circles that you may have experienced previously, bringing heightened effectiveness to your work together and attending to common problems before they manifest:

  • Shared Leadership gives everyone an opportunity to develop leadership capacities, providing a functional alternative to command-and-control models. Shared Leadership also acts as a built-in safeguard to assure wallflowers do not ignore their own rich fragrance and preventing bulldogs from ruling the scene.
  • Clearing the Air assures we do not carry away unresolved or unexpressed strong feelings. We honor one another and ourselves in the Circle, by acknowledging and leaving in the Circle that which belongs in Circle.
  • Giving and Receiving Appreciations builds a realm of abbondanza in which the many fruits we bear can ripen, be harvested and shared.

The Launch Toolkit and support offered by CirclesWork! is full-spectrum and user-friendly. Our aim is to ensure the success of your teaching learning circle. Not only are we partnering with the Jean Houston Foundation and Be the Change Earth Alliance to provide an interactive teleconference, rich with information and resources, but we are also linking your circle with a person who cares about your circle.

35 years of field-test expertise guarantees that we take your concerns and questions seriously and answer them with a wealth of experience, offering precise solutions as well as suggestions responding to your circle’s specific needs.