Circle Culture Carriers

net_of_indra_smallerCircle Culture Carriers are circle mentors experienced in starting and maintaining effective circles, using the CirclesWork! Tools for Cooperative Work. They are available to those who wish to start circles or who wish to have assistance with maintaining their circles or who wish to learn more about CirclesWork! Tools for Cooperative Work.

Circle Culture Carriers conduct the leadership of circles, to launch new circles and support the circle network.   Circle Culture Carriers (CCCs) have experienced the power of circle, and recognize circle as an embodiment of democracy, of cooperation, and community-building practices based on values of compassionate listening to understand, shared leadership, trust-building, collaboration, diversity, creativity, honesty, and appreciation of the gifts we are given. They use the guide How CirclesWork!  to equip others with these skills.

Circle Culture Carriers have built solid circle skills through practicing the Tools for Cooperative Work in their own circle, participation in the Teleconference Series and Circle Forums, and engaging in Circle Culture Carrier Training.  They support circle members in growing into the fullness of their possibilities with recognition and appreciation of their gifts.  Most have been mentored by Dr. Lauren Oliver or Dr. Bonnie Burstein.

Contact Lauren Oliver if you wish to have a Circle Culture Carrier assist you with your circle, or if you wish to engage in training to become a Circle Culture Carrier.