Work with Lauren Oliver

LO Head
Lauren Jinshil Oliver is committed to a vision and new story for a world that works for everyone, meeting each individual with respect, recognizing and building on her/his strengths, and supporting each to fulfill her/his own destiny.  Lauren concentrates her focus on launching effective circles, inspiring circles via powerful teleconferences, coaching individuals and consulting networked organizations, teaching and leadership development.

Lauren’s ability to tune in to your needs and your strengths, as an individual or group, reflects deep capacities and experience in clinical psychology, organization development, and executive coaching, all applied in her philosophy and practice of CirclesWork!  Breadth in business, non-profits, medical settings, and higher education and training assures Dr. Oliver’s approach works with a diversity of people and organizations, always guided by life-affirming principles and system-shift practices.

Here are opportunities for you to work with Lauren Oliver in 2014:

Join her in the Beloved Community Teleconferences to meet inspiring leaders.  Participate in Circle Forum for an expert-led, hands-on circle immersion experience.  Both begin early February, 2014.

Circle Launch Training, using the new How CirclesWork! Guide begins February, 2014, with the first training in Los Angeles, February 9-10.  Watch for other Circle Launch Trainings, using the new circle guide, How CirclesWork!, every two months, usually in a West Coast city or contact her for arrangement for your region.

Circle leader training for Circle Culture Carriers , face-to-face, will begin April, 2014.  Online circle leader training will also start late spring, 2014.   To arrange a training for leadership development in your region, contact Lauren in 2014.

If you are interested in coaching or consulting services from Lauren, contact her in January, 2014, when she returns from several months of travel out of the US.

What others say about their work with Lauren Oliver:

“It has been an honor to learn from and collaborate with Lauren as she joyously lives her passion.  Her enthusiasm is contagious, her perseverance is remarkable, and her effectiveness is profound.”   —Diane G. Beal

“I’ve led circles for many years and felt that I had a pretty good idea ‘how to do’ a circle. What I didn’t expect in signing up for the 12 month CirclesWork! teleconference series was how much I would learn by participating with Lauren Oliver as circle facilitator.  The circle processes she consistently demonstrates are simple, but what I saw is that when they are consistently applied, they make a remarkable difference in the power, well-being, and the on-going life of the group. Being in circle with Lauren is an inspiring way to learn and has built my confidence in applying the ‘tools of cooperative work’ in my own circle practice.”  —Lorraine Cook

“Lauren has a particular talent for intuiting the spark of what can be appreciated in each group member, thereby modeling a crucial and underused form of ‘glue’ for group cohesion.”  —Karen Lawson

“I have felt that being part of a circle means a circle of caring and loving women who support each other.  Having a circle format has given us structure and enabled each member to assume leadership.  We share many things because of our lifestyle but hearing that others have the same concerns and problems somehow makes a difference in not feeling alone and isolated.  Lauren continues to offer guidance and role modeling and always is present for feedback and appreciations.” —Jennifer Waters