Mother-Earth-holding-a-Circle-of-peopleQ: What is a circle?

A: A circle is a building block of intentional community composed of 8-10 people who meet regularly. Circle is a place to find the support you need to become your best self.

Q: How does the power of circle intersect with the field of Social Artistry (SA) in the teleconferences?

A: Peacemaking Circles used Social Artistry (SA) processes from Manual for the Peacemaker within the format that CirclesWork! teaches. See Four Levels of Circle which uses the Four Levels of Experience of SA.

As Dr. Jean Houston writes in Manual for the Peacemaker: “Thank god,” we say to ourselves “I need not be limited to my own experience but may share in yours.” In the teleconference series we recognize the enormous richness of experience in others. We drop simplistic judgments and projections and stand in awe before the wild abundance of human variation.

Q: What is Social Artistry?

A: Social Artistry emerges from Jean Houston’s work, through the United Nations and in over 100 countries and cultures, to bring forth our full human capacities to co-create the New Story, igniting a culture of peace and change. CirclesWork! aims to grow teaching-learning communities via one circle at a time.

Social Artists promote teaching-learning under the positive assumption that you know something I don’t and vice versa. Together, we know more. And together, discovering and manifesting our Social Artistry, we can make the world work for every living being. Please learn more at Jean Houston Foundation.org

Q: What is a Peacemaker Circle?

A: Peacemaker Circles convene around a series of teleconferences with eminent peacemakers. Manual for the Peacemaker introduces your Circle to powerful Social Artistry processes developed by Dr. Jean Houston and Margaret Rubin. Circle encourages each member to contribute to the community, and to collaborate in one joint peacemaking action. In circle, we can achieve more together and accomplish the great things you cannot do alone.

Q: What could a circle do for me?

A: Circle provides a stable community to grow and evolve with. Circle is a space for fresh and meaningful conversations to take place. Circle is a place to find support and feedback, and to hone your life’s purpose, and bring it into action/manifestation.

Q: How do I start my own circle?

A: First, ask a friend to join you in starting a circle. Together, brainstorm the names of 10 people you respect and want to get to know better to invite to your circle. Visit Start Your Circle  to find a step-by-step guide for you.

Q: What does the Peacemaker Circles Teleconference offer to our new circles?

A: Registration in the Teleconference supports the success of your Circle by providing:

  • Inspirational teleconferences with eminent peacemakers
  • Experience in circle.  Join an actual circle in the Circle Forum, virtual meetings for Q & A and sharing stories
  • A mentor to coach your circle, as you get started.
  • CirclesWork! tools and resources online: “how to” guides for effective circles; “centering” poems, prayers and words of wisdom; exercises for your circle, like discovering and discussing the values of your circle members.
  • Use of Social Artistry exercises

Q: What is the cost of the 2014 teleconference, and how do I register?

A: Early Bird price available soon for a year of teleconferences, access to your own Circle Mentor, and Circle Forums with CirclesWork! circle process training.


Q: What makes CirclesWork! circle unique?

A: Shared Leadership, Clearing the Air and Appreciations are the unique additions by CirclesWork! to the ancient practice of circle.

Shared Leadership honors the capacity of every member to lead, by rotating the roles of: Facilitator, Time Keeper, and Vibeswatcher at each Circle.

Clearing the Air is a practice to address assumptions that can readily arise in groups, and – if not checked for clarity – can lead to misunderstandings and upset.

“What you appreciate appreciates.” This phrase, oft-repeated by Jean Houston, highlights the power of voicing Appreciation. We co-create a circle culture of abondanza to manifest that the love you make is equal to the love you take (a la Beatles).

Q: How often should a circle meet?

A: We suggest you meet weekly (or at least twice a month) to build your unique circle culture and get to know one another. After 3-4 months, you may wish to reassess your schedule. The teleconference series invites each circle to join together twice a month for calls with the Teleconference: the teleconferences with eminent speakers, and the two Circle Forum teleconferences which further your experience and training in the Circle Tools.

Q: What is peacemaking?

A: Whenever you bring your talents and unique gifts out to benefit the well-being of others, you are engaged in peacemaking. As circles, we are consciously co-creating a culture of peace and peacemaking to change our world and sustain life unto the seventh generation.