How CirclesWork!: A Guide for Starting and Sustaining Circles

HCW guide



This comprehensive guide offers the tools to a circle to start wherever you are!  Designed to be self-led from Day 1, the guide walks you through the circle process, adding the Tools for Cooperative Work, one by one.  Short activities offer skill-building for each basic practice.  Each session, you participate in a rich, full circle experience and build your circle capacities and deepen connections. Over the first six sessions, you fully explore the six steps to circle:

  • Center your Wisdom
  • Share Leadership, take up the roles to guide your circle
  • Check In, to hear each voice
  • Do the Work in Circle: Group Time and Individual Time
  • Clear the Air, express any unmet needs or feelings that belong here
  • Appreciations and Humble Brags, to express and celebrate our gifts

The next 6 sessions add skills, depth and connection to your circle, bringing you through the 12 sessions you’ve committed to. Then you step back to review how your circle has been launched and decide how often to meet going forward.   You will have formed a solid team, a circle around each of you. Step-by-step, you and your circle engage in this new-yet-old way of gathering and build the unique culture of your circle.   Circle made easy!

How CirclesWork! will be available for purchase end of January, 2014.  Announcements will be made in January, to enable you to buy this helpful guide for a self-led circle. Sign up now to receive the announcement as well as our informative CirclesWork! periodic newsletter.