Other Sources

IndrasNetLGIn the Heaven of Indra, there is said to be a network of pearls, so arranged that if you look at one you see all the others reflected in it. In the same way each object in the world is not merely itself but involves every other object and in fact IS everything else.

In the spirit of Indra’s Net, here are websites and organizations we support:

  • WISE – Women’s Initiatives for a Sustainable Earth aims to inspire and engage women to lead bold initiatives and work collaboratively to restore and nurture a healthy world.  Check out WISE Facebook page for fresh info and inspiration:  Women’s Initiatives for a Sustainable Earth (WISE)
  • Be The Change Earth Alliance is a Canadian charity that develops and delivers community-based education programs empowering people to respond, individually and collectively, to the ecological and social challenges facing our world today.
  • Connecting The Good Worldwide and Richard Flyer offer a unique “Connections Gathering”, for members of your local community to connect and build on shared values as you explore ways to strengthen your community through common needs—for the well-being of all.   Connecting The Good Worldwide and CirclesWork! are finding ways to link and complement our efforts.  Stay tuned!
  • Joanna Macy embodies and teaches her powerful Work That Reconnects.  Her tools and practices are supporting many of us to move with assurance toward The Great Turning: Joanna’s name for the New Story we can co-create , and must to enable humanity to survive these challenging time.  A voice of truth and soul, Joanna brings her practice of Engaged Buddhism and her vision of Deep Ecology into the work of shifting our way of living on earth to align with Living Systems.  Thank you, Joanna for your talk on the 2013 teleconference!
  • The Jean Houston Foundation teaches and grows Social Artistry: critical tools to wake up conscious people to greater aliveness and to the actions we can take to co-create the New Story.
  • Monica Sharma’s United Global Shift  is causing a united global shift in what is possible for humanity, focusing on the environment, employment, entrepreneurship, health and education.  A shift from survival and scarcity to possibility and peace.
  • Peggy Rubin’s Sacred Theater teaches how to enjoy your own life as a work of sacred theater art.
  • Taowhywee, Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim, Chair of The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, and Takelma Indian Elder, Confederated Tribes of Siletz acts with her tribe and many tribes around the world and with the Council to take deliberate steps to bring peace.  An Ambassador for our Mother Earth, she is a voice for the voiceless, seeking to prevent spiritual blindness by helping us to remember the ways of living that we all share as people of the Earth.  We gain great wisdom from this exceptionally clear and strong speaker whose no-nonsense eloquence has touched people of many different cultures in the US and around the world.  We love you, Grandma Aggie!
  • The Charter for Compassion, like the Earth Charter, represents a cooperative effort among thousands of people who share common values, are willing to take a stand, and who work hard to clearly articulate these values. CirclesWork! has signed on to the Charter for Compassion, and encourages you to consider doing the same.  We can shift our world culture.
  • Bill Kauth and Zoe Alowan offer significant group processes for new an ongoing groups building community.   Bill’s decades of experience in men’s circles is now complemented with Zoe, in powerful work linking women’s circles and men’s circles.  CirclesWork anticipates exciting ways to join forces to enhance the co-evolution of our gender roles and bring the “battle of the sexes” to a creative shift for humankind.
  • Trish Broersma and Green Horse, besides designing websites and publications for those engaged in work that betters our world, also pioneers work in the horse/human connection with her book Riding Into Your Mythic Life: Transformational Adventures with the Horse, and the Riding Beyond program for opening doors to the future for women recovering from breast cancer treatment.