Circle Songs are as old as this ancient practice of gathering for cooperation, storytelling, and social connection.  Music – and singing together — invites us to express deep feeling and enriches shared experience.  I invite you to sing together in your circle.  Take the time to learn a song together – from this collection of songs below – or from someone in your circle.  (It took my current circle about a year to get comfortable singing together May The Circle Be Open.  We stand, holding hands, and sing. Now we have harmonies and variations we enjoy.) Try it!  Sing a song to close each circle gathering. Songs here have been generously offered by these singer-songwriters to ground and energize the circle experience.   These singers have participated in circles and know their power for generating healthy community.  They offer their songs generously to support your circle in this rich tradition.

May The Circle Be Open is a traditional song, with these lyrics sung together weekly in many circles, to complete our time together.  We have two versions for you here.

May the Circle be open, yet unbroken.

May the love of the Circle
 be ever in your heart.

Merry meet,

And merry part,

And merry meet again.


May the Circle Be Open – Performed by Alice Di Micele

May the Circle Be Open – Performed by: Jenny Edwards, Kelly Jane Larson, Jefferson Parson and Lauren Oliver (members of three circles in southern Humboldt County, California) This Little Light of Mine – Performed by: Jenny Edwards, Kelly Jane Larson, Jefferson Parson and Lauren Oliver, another traditional song, honors the light each of us carries – even while made “little” with the shyness (and even “diss-ing”) commonly found in the “Scarcity Fable”.  See lyrics here.  To the tune of the traditional Will the Circle be Unbroken? read here and sing a new set of lyrics re-titled Yes, There’s a Circle That’s Unbroken, by Jefferson Parson © 2013. See the lyrics here.

All of the following compositions are original songs offered to you by dedicated singer-songwriters.

A Peace of the Whole by Jefferson Parson. Find the albums of Jefferson Parson on Amazon: Hillbilly Hook (2013); Jefferson’s Laments (2010), and Baby and the Bathwater (2006). See lyrics here. 

Standing Stone by Melanie DeMore – a San Francisco song writer who co-creates large song events (one in Fall 2013 with Joanna Macy and others)

Jefferson Parson – A Place Where Peace Must Start. See lyrics here.

Wise Old Woman, by Alice DiMicele – especially good for children’s circle or family circle – celebrates the treasure that is each one of us.  From her marvelous album “If I Were An Otter: Songs for kids of All Ages” (with an accompanying song book, with lyrics, music chords, and a color-in picture for each song.)  Order this and other albums with love songs, environmental laments, and more; from her website:

Copperwoman, another California songwriter who writes many songs and chants for circles, offers several options here.


Julie Blue, singer-songwriter and global artst, has led choruses and designed musical events … Lives in Vancouver, Canada. Enjoy these chants for circle in all seasons that Julie generously offered us; also available at Check out her latest: One of a Kind Woman