Teleconference Series Backup

Our Teleconference Series gathers people in virtual circles to support you in creating your own face-to-face circles,  and to provide sources of inspiration and educational tools to deeply connect you with your higher self and others. We believe that circles provide sustaining support for each of us to take our stand for the good, to contribute our talents to our community, and to co-create a culture of peace and sustainable life on earth.

2014 Teleconference Series:  Beloved Community

Joy Jinks' front yard in Colquitt, Georgia, home of Swamp Gravy.
Joy Jinks’ front yard in her Beloved Community, Colquitt, Georgia, home of Swamp Gravy.

Beginning January 15, 2014, CirclesWork!, the Jean Houston Foundation, and Be The Change will co-sponsor our second teleconference series with inspiring talks by Beloved Community builders who are doing world-changing work and building communities empowered to co-create a conscious, ecological, cooperative and just civilization.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of the Beloved Community, not as a “heavenly” ideal but as a practical possibility we can achieve in our lifetimes and a gift to our children unto the 7th generation. It is an outcome of the shift to nonviolence.

Food for the hungry and shelter for all.
True equality of access to education and jobs.
• Neighborhoods made safe and enlivened
by teaching tolerance and overcoming prejudice, as well as just distribution of wealth.
• Reclaiming of the commons: sharing equally with all inhabitants the rich resources of Mother Earth – water, air, soil and sun – used conservatively and sustainably to nourish life.

“If you feel called to bring people together in circle, then the CirclesWork! Teleconference program is a tremendous, easy-to-access resource to get you started or to keep you going.  Dr. Lauren Oliver combines her expansive energy and heart with her deep knowledge of psychology and human dynamics in offering a year-long program of teleconference circles that allow people new to circle, and long-time circle facilitators to hone their skills and confidence in the simple processes that make circles work. 

“What I loved about the CirclesWork! Teleconference series was that each month we got to have what I experienced as an intimate conversation with an eminent peacemaker, often a person I knew as having made a remarkable difference in the world.  It wasn’t one-sided like tuning in to a YouTube video or an audio-recorded lecture.  It was a real conversation with people like Joanna Macy, Tom Atlee, Jean Shinoda Bolin and others. Lauren Oliver facilitated the call as a circle and brought us into conversation with our guests through time for questions and answers all centered around our theme The Great Peacemaker. These conversations were so rich and inspiring, I really look forward to “meeting” our guests in the 2014 series with the theme The Beloved Community.”— Lorraine Cook

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2012-13 Teleconference Series: Great Peacemakers

Our inaugural year of the teleconference series was based on the book Manual for the Peacemaker: An Iroquois to Heal Self and Society, by Jean Houston and Margaret Rubin. The themes of the series were peace and democracy:

• How to bring peace and democracy into our culture of the US – learning from the first democracy co-created by the Great Peacemaker, founder of the Iroquois Federation.

• The use of circle as a way to build and sustain community: of respect, of equality, of justice, and of peace.

Archive of recordings of the 2012-2013 Eminent Peacemakers