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CirclesWork sponsored a teleconference series 2012 – 2014. The first year’s series, 2012-13, was entitled PEACEMAKERS, with talks by luminaries such as Jean Houston, Joanne Shenandoah, Joanna Macy and many others. Explore the audio archives HERE.

The 2014 series was entitled BELOVED COMMUNITY.  Read about it below and listen to the audio archives HERE.


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December 8, 2014: The New Story: Co-Creating Beloved Community

What have we learned about Beloved Community?  How do we write the New Story?  Lauren will examine the Culture Trance which keeps the myth of the Lone Ranger alive and well, inhibits the expression of feelings and of Beloved Community, and drives the social isolation so common today. Most of the themes addressed in the teleconference are here: Rates of violence and intimate violence are high. Dominance and lack of equality are alive and well in gender roles.  Widening economic gaps spell injustice, while a tremendous materialistic thrust is marketed to “define” what we “should” value and be.  Did you know? Americans have fewer than half as many close friends than 50 years ago.

So, how do we write the New Story – individually and collectively?  How do we co-create the New Culture, where we can reclaim our right – and nature – to be social again?  It is so good to be in a social situation where you can be vulnerable, allow people to see you, and allow others to give you feedback. In such an environment you can acknowledge your feelings.  And you feel the need—and invitation — to belong.  What a relief.  The CirclesWork culture makes it safe to find your voice and tell your story.  It’s a place to build good relationships, with others and with yourself.  Benefits are mutual, and exponential. The MO of circles is: Becoming your best self while helping others become theirs.  Join Lauren to dialogue next steps to grow Beloved Community and create the world our hearts long for.


Do you yearn to be part of a Beloved Community?

CirclesWork!, the Jean Houston Foundation, and Be The Change Earth Alliance are sponsoring our second teleconference series throughout 2014 with inspiring talks by Beloved Community builders who are doing world-changing work and building communities empowered to co-create a conscious, ecological, cooperative and just civilization. See the line-up of these men and women below.



Join us in creating a gift for the children of the seventh generation.

The Beloved Community was for Dr. King a realistic, achievable goal that can be attained by a critical mass of people committed to and trained in the philosophy and methods of nonviolence. • Food for the hungry and shelter for all.

Sign outside the home of Joy Jinks in Colquitt, GA, her Beloved Community
Sign outside the home of Joy Jinks in Colquitt, GA, her Beloved Community

True equality of access to education and jobs. • Neighborhoods made safe and enlivened by teaching tolerance and overcoming prejudice, and by a just distribution of wealth. • Healthy gender relations, free of violence and enriched with healing respect and understanding. • Reclaiming of the commons: sharing equally with all inhabitants the rich resources of Mother Earth – water, air, soil and sun – used conservatively and sustainably to nourish life. • Freedom to co-create a new story, to speak our minds, to gather, and to act in accordance with our democratic and spiritual values.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. opened the path to the Beloved Community 50 years ago. These remarkable speakers are actively building this vision and bringing the Beloved Community to life.

What is YOUR vision of Beloved Community?

You can manifest your intention to create a Beloved Community in 2014. Our teleconference speakers will inspire you to co-create your Beloved Community. These luminaries were chosen because they are models of bringing the Beloved Community to life.  Their stories will fuel our own imaginations and creativity.  Joining in CirclesWork circles, you make vivid connections, gain support to make your intention crystal clear, and nurture your action steps to bring your vision to fruition.

InspirationAllYearJoin us with these Distinguished Speakers for the Teleconference Series, Ten Sessions March through December,

FIRST MONDAYS, 5PM Pacific Time.

Our speakers — see below — address these qualities of the Beloved Community. Click on their images to read more about them:

In the Season for Nonviolence, (January 30 – April 4) we focus on our visions of Beloved Community and replacing violence with nonviolence. Gender relations can be reconciled.  We can heal the war between the sexes. Caring Economics brings forth the reality of a world that works for everyone, meeting all basic human needs, with a living democracy that returns “the commons” of our earth – clean water, secure food, air and land – to the/our stewardship of we, the people. The New Story is told by us, as we recognize the Great Unraveling and choose to co-create the Great Turning.  Circle is where we tell our stories and, feeling heard, nurture and practice our vision of Beloved Community and principles of nonviolence. These inspiring speakers will help us grasp and build/refine our own visions, and take them out into the world of action with greater focus and determination.  The circle experience is the opportunity to do this together, in a supportive feedback-rich environment. Miki

March 3 Miki Kashtan on Non Violent Communication, a Way of Life Miki Kashtan, Ph.D., co-founder of Bay Area Nonviolent Communication (, leads by example as a visionary leader in shaping a livable future, manifested in her new book Spinning the Threads of Radical Aliveness: Transforming the Legacy of Separation in Our Individual Lives Gilligan2

April 7 James Gilligan on Causes of Violence and Its Prevention Dr. James Gilligan, psychiatrist & author of Violence: Reflections on a National Epidemic and Preventing Violence: Prospects for Tomorrow, researches biological, psychological & socio-economic phenomena underlying violence, and  ways to prevent it. Nagler1

May 5 Michael Nagler on Global Strategies for Nonviolence Michael Nagler, PhD co-founded the Peace and Conflict Studies Program at UC, Berkeley, founded Metta Center for Nonviolence and authored award-winning Search for a Nonviolent Future.


June 2 Frances Moore Lappé on Ending World Hunger and Practicing Deep Democracy Frances Moore Lappé, author of 18 books, began her focus on food with Diet for a Small Planet. Her most recent is EcoMind: Changing the Way We Think to Create the World We Want, and we await her new World Hunger: 12 Myths.  Getting a Grip focused on bringing democracy to life, work fostered by her organization Small Planet Institute, a collaborative network for research & education. Riane Eisler

July 7  Riane Eisler on Healing Gender Relations and Creating a Caring Economy Dr. Eisler weaves together her extraordinary 30-year body of work – from the revolutionary insights about power in The Chalice and the Blade, to her insights about sex, spirituality, and intimate relationships in Sacred Pleasure, to bringing the value of care into economics in The Real Wealth of Nations. CynthiaBrix Keepin

August 4 Will Keepin and Cynthia Brix on Gender Reconciliation Gender reconciliation, founded by Will Keepin,PhD, integrates truth and reconciliation methods to heal gender relations.  Will authored Divine Duality: The Power of Reconciliation Between Women and Men, with Cynthia Brix, M.Div, MA. as contributing author. Cynthia Brix & Will co-authored Women Healing Women. Judy Wicks

September 8 Judy Wicks on Eco Entrepreneurship Judy Wicks published Good Morning, Beautiful Business: the Unexpected Journey of an Activist Entrepreneur and Local Economy Pioneer (2013). Judy founded Philadelphia’s landmark White Dog Café known for environmental stewardship and leadership in the local food movement. She also founded non-profits Fair Food Philly and Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, a network of 30,000 independent businesses in 80 US communities.

BrownOctober 13, Ellen Brown on the Public Bank Solution. Ellen Hodgson Brown, Chairman and President of the Public Banking Institute developed her research skills as an attorney practicing civil litigation in LA.  Author of 11 books, Web of Debt traces the history and evolution of the current private banking system. She shows how it’s usurped the power to create money from the people, and how we the people can get it back – with the Public Bank.  This revolutionary idea is described fully in her latest book “The Public Bank Solution.” Margo Day

November 3 Margo Day on Taking Your Mission Live Margo Day, corporate vice president at Microsoft, took a year sabbatical in Kenya. Her mission was to reduce rates of female mutilation and increase rates of access to education for girls. Margo achieved a 60% reduction in mutilation rates in the area where she worked in just one year and increased girls gaining education. Oliver

December 8 The New Story: Co-Creating Beloved Community What have we learned about Beloved Community?  How do we write the New Story?  Lauren will examine the Culture Trance which keeps the myth of the Lone Ranger alive and well, inhibits the expression of feelings and of Beloved Community, and drives the social isolation so common today.

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IgniteYourJourneyListen to the recording of the February 3 Launch of The Beloved Community Teleconference Series

Our February 3, 2014 teleconference ignited our journey to the Beloved Community with our first session in celebration of Martin Luther King’s birthday and his world-changing work.

Click on speakers’ images to read more about them. Renowned social justice advocate Dr. john a. powell challenged us to lay claim to our shared humanity and a way toward healing ourselves and securing our future. Dr. powell was joined in the discussion by Dr. Michael Nagler, who is one of the most respected scholars and advocates of Gandhi and nonviolence worldwide. Also joining in the discussion was the Rev. Dr. Bernard LaFayette, Jr., an ordained minister, a longtime civil rights activist, organizer, and an authority on nonviolent social change. And Rev Janet Wolf, director of Haley Farm and Non-Violent Organizing for Children’s Defense Fund.


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