Exploring Rich Roots of Human Civilization

cuzco ruinsCusco is a remarkable ancient city, alive with gentle, artistic and soulful people.  I feel safe and alive here.  Yesterday we walked to some astounding Inca ruins around Cusco.  How were these enormous stones quarried? Lifted? Set in place so tightly and precisely?  What teamwork and creative problem solving!  Just the qualities we foster in circle.  Many Peruvian children were visiting the sites – proud of their history, and its practice of building upon the creations of past generations.

At each ruin, colorful scarves, hats, and all kinds of artistic creations are offered for sale.  With my small backpack already full, I can only admire.  One persistent woman encircled my neck with her soft hand-made alpaca scarf.  I told her it was beautiful, but no. She persisted – and then I placed my hands on her cheeks and told her how beautiful she was.  She beamed a gorgeous smile and then relented.  Here too in Cusco, the economic model of supply and demand threatens to infect and disrupt the natural cooperation and mutual care between people.  Yet the humanity runs deep, sustained by ancient ways to relate to people with recognition of their genuine needs.  I feel blessed.   Blessings to you from Cusco!