Circles for the Status of Women / Family Circles

I’m off again today — for NYC, to the UN, for meetings of the Commission on the Status of Women.  An exciting event. I’ll see many women from around the world in their beautiful traditional clothing, and I’ll hear what is critical for them.

I’ll be convening circles at lunchtime in the UN cafeteria.

Will send you notes as I’m able!

Just home for one day after a wonderful family circle around my sister Beth, who expects to pass in 3 moths from pancreatic cancer.  She was so happy to have us together – a very rich experience for all.  Beth shed 20 years before our eyes (at least 15 “cancer years”), as we shared our joy with her.  We told stories — as she’d requested — some roasting her.  We did art — most of us leaving a drawing and loving messages for her.  We remembered my parents, my Aunt Janet, and other elders, now all past.  We sang songs, and ate good food.  Both Beth and her husband John were so lively, so engaged, so clearly happy to have us there.  A great success.  And my nephews especially remarked how this was our first major family gathering since Aunt Janet’s memorial — hence our first without the elders.  A new family culture is forming.  Lots of playful energy between our two generations (no grandchildren yet).  A family circle can make a rich difference.